Update for May 2016

Allocations for May 2016 have been updated.

As  the previous month, April 2016 has been a good month for all allocations:

  • Permanent Portfolio: +1.37%
  • Momentum Portfolio: +0.90%
  • Alternative Portfolio (Singularis CTA Program): +1.43%

The NLX Portfolio increases this month of 1.85%

Recommended reading for the month

Meb Faber Research – April 21, 2016
50% Returns Coming For Commodities And Emerging Markets?

Vanguard – April 22, 2016
For bondholders, rising interest rates can have an upside

Ben Carlson – April 24, 2016
180 Years of Market Drawdowns

Mish Talk – April 24, 2016
Bank of Japan Owns Over Half of Japanese ETFs, Why Stop There?
We have to follow the (insane) Japanese experimentation in the sense that the US and Europe are following the same path. What’s happening in Japan will happen in US and EU in the coming years.

Gary Antonacci – April 28, 2016
What You Should Remember About the Markets
I cannot be more agree with Gary!  🙂

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