Update for July 2016

Allocations for July 2016 have been updated.

What an amazing month! Our diversify allocations greatly benefit from the market volatility generated by the Brexit.

  • Permanent Portfolio: 4.37%
  • Momentum Portfolio: 4.90%
  • Alternative Portfolio (Singularis CTA Program): -0.44%

The NLX Portfolio for the month : +4.42%

I am curently sailing until mid-september. I  have less time to read financial articles and thus recommend readings…

Recommended reading for the month

Factor Investor, June 1, 2016
A Factor Investor’s Perspective of the Economic Cycle

Pragmatic Capitalism – June 2, 2016
What is the Worst Case Scenario for Bonds?

Gary Antonacci – June 13, 2016
Smart Beta is Still Just Beta

Ben Carlson – June 14, 2016
Strong jobs Market, Weak Stock Marjet

Ben Carlson – June 19, 2016
No one knwos what will happen

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