Update for December 2016

Allocations for December 2016 have been updated.

Portfolio performances for November 2016:

  • Permanent Portfolio: -3.40%
  • Momentum Portfolio: -4,20%
  • Alternative Portfolio (Singularis CTA Program): +5.52%

The NLX Portfolio for the month: -1.04%

As October 2016, November saw also broad losses across the long-only allocations PP and MP. Major asset classes were heavily down for the month, notably gold (GLD, -8.36%) and long-term US Treasuries (TLT, -8.21%).

One more time, the Alternative Portfolio shows a strong performance (SINGULARIS, +5.52%), able to sustain losses of the two long-only portfolios.

Finally, the NLX Portfolio has remained relatively stable over these last 3 months, with a performance year-to-date around 14-15%.

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One thought on “Update for December 2016

  1. Bonjour Nicolas

    Et vous remercie de m’envoyer le lien vers l’historique de SINGULARIS.

    Excellent dimanche.

    Jean Pierre


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