Update September 2017

Allocations for September 2017 have been updated.

Portfolio performances for August 2017:

  • Permanent Portfolio: +2.00%
  • Momentum Portfolio: +0,30%
  • Alternative Portfolio (Singularis CTA Program): +4.25%

The NLX Portfolio for the month: +3.28%

Recommended reading for the month

Alpha Architect, Aug-7, 2017
Diagonal models versus 1/N diversification
“In spite of several efforts by researchers to overcome the estimation-risk problem (the use of estimate inputs based on sample information as if they were representative of the true population) which produces the so-called “wacky weights”, DeMiguel, Garlappi and Uppal (2009) present striking evidence that favors a simple 1/N naıve portfolio strategy.”

Wisdom Trading – Aug-8, 2017 (from AQR)
Trend Following – 140 years of data supports its value

TopForeignStocks.com – Aug-17, 2017
Time in the Market is More Important Than Timing the Market

Casey Research INTERNATIONA MAN – Nick Giambruno – Aug-2017
They’re Using Bernie Madoff Math to Hide a Crisis
“The government isn’t subject to the same constraints as the private sector. So it has no problem promising benefits it can’t afford to pay… Many public pensions are hopelessly insolvent. It will all be apparent in the next market downturn, which probably isn’t far off. I think we’re headed into an enormous crisis. Unfortunately, most people have no idea how to prepare…”

Mauldin Economics – Aug-23, 2017
Doesn’t Matter, Doesn’t Matter, Matters!




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