Update October 2017

Allocations for October 2017 have been updated.

Portfolio performances in September 2017:

  • Permanent Portfolio: -0.90%
  • Momentum Portfolio: +0,30%
  • Alternative Portfolio (Singularis CTA Program): -1.61%

The NLX Portfolio for the month: -1.11%

Recommended reading for the month

Gavekal – Aug 19, 2017
Very interesting article on geopolitic, from our best French economist, Charles Gaves
Gavekal On The Coming Clash Of Empires: Russia’s Role As A Global Game-Changer

Mises Institute – Aug-28, 2017
Here is why I do not follow economical news, newspapers, TVs… and thus do not try to make links with market movements. The fact that a market moves according to what you were expecting, according to your interpretation of the news, do not mean you were right… it is just a random outcome, luckily in your favour!
Economists Are the New Astrologers

Mauldin Economics – Sep-6, 2017
Irving Fisher and Japan

Paul Craig Roberts – Sep-8, 2017
Laughing on the Way to Armageddon

Hashtable – Sep-16 2017
“Small update on the storm of liberalism in France” – In case you would wonder how looks like a “Communiste” country… here is just a few taxes (257… and some are missing).
Petit point sur la tempête de libéralisme en France

A Wealth of Common Sense – Sep-27, 2017
If You Must Invest in Commodities, Here’s How

ReSolve – Sep 2017
Using Leverage to Reduce Risk (and get killer returns!) 

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