Update June 2018

Allocations for June 2018 have been updated.

Portfolio gross performances in May 2018:

  • Permanent Portfolio: +0.83%
  • Momentum Portfolio: -0.79%
  • Alternative Portfolio (Singularis CTA Program): -3.41%

The NLX Portfolio for the month: -1.69%

Recommended reading for the month

OppenheimerFunds – 23/04/2018
Emerging markets beat developed markets in long-term equity returns. The “Momentum Portfolio” profits of this “relative” momentum.
10 Things to Know About Emerging Market Stocks

Charles Schwab – 14/05/2018
Excellent article about market cyclicality, whose the Momentom Portfolio benefits
How To Avoid A Shark Attack

Mises Institute – 17/05/2018
7 Reasons Why European Banks Are in Trouble

John Mauldin – 18/05/2018
Train Crash Preview

Ben Carslon – 20/05/2018
Do Long-Term Investors Need Bonds?

Quantpedida – 29/05/2018
Short-Term Return Reversals and Intraday Transactions
“… Fama (1965) shows that volatility is higher during trading hours (intraday) than it is during non-trading hours (overnight), and Kelly and Clark (2011) suggest that overnight stock returns are, on average, higher than intraday returns. Thus, decomposing return reversals into overnight and intraday return components could yield new and important information on the drivers of the short-term return reversal.”



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