Update August 2018

Allocations for August 2018 have been updated.

Portfolio gross performances in July 2018:

  • Permanent Portfolio: +0.11%
  • Momentum Portfolio: +2.26%
  • Alternative Portfolio (Singularis CTA Program): -2.03%

The NLX Portfolio for the month: +0.17%

Recommended reading for the month

Gary Antonacci – 31/07/2018
Momentum Solutions for Retirement

Oldest backtests about GEM worth knowing
TrendXplorer : Prospecting Dual Momentum With GEM
SVRN AM : Is Gary Antonacci’s Global Equity Momentum Strategy Robust?

David Hunkar – 14/07/2018
S&P 500 Intra-Year Declines and Annual Price Returns 1948 to 2017: Chart

“One of the biggest factors that impact investor returns with equity investing is selling out when markets correct. Patience and not panicking is the key to long-term success with stocks. Just as stocks can go up they go down as well. For instance, the S&P 500 has seen annual average declines of 13.8% since 1948. Yet the annual returns in terms of price changes only have been positive in 51 of those 70 years as shown in the chart below.”




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