Update for September 2018

Allocations for September 2018 have been updated.

Portfolio gross performances in August 2018:

  • Permanent Portfolio: +0.71%
  • Momentum Portfolio: +1.12%
  • Alternative Portfolio (Singularis CTA Program): -3.56%

The NLX Portfolio for the month: -0.87%

Comment Singularis CTA Program :

The US is experiencing the longest bull market in history.  The existing liquidity is dramatically reducing any correction or retracement we see in general in the market behavior. This situation concerns also Singularis’ trading between the night and day sessions. Shorting the S&P 500 results explain all the Program’s losses for 2018 as the winning rate for this kind of trade went from a 65% over the entire track record period to 28% in 2018. An analysis of the track record, including the back test, shows that the performance following the biggest drawdowns tends to be attractive with a 9 months forward return over +15% from the low point.

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