My name is Nicolas Lequeux.

You are currently viewing the blog that I have created for a private group of people, in order to share useful information, to manage a financial portfolio.

The NLX Portfolio, introduced in the following pages, shows how methodically manage a basket of financial assets to achieve sound result, with a low volatility and regardless of market direction or economic health.

The NLX Portfolio is made of 3 equally balanced allocations :

  • the second allocation is based on a Momentum Portfolio, following a method popularized by Gary Antonacci,
  • the third allocation is based on an Alternative Portfolio, with the use of a contrarian short-term strategy that I have developed, and called SINGULARIS.

Allocations made to the Permanent Portfolio and to the Alternative Portfolio stay unchanged during the year, only the Momentum Portfolio rebalances its clusters each month. Then the 3 allocations are globally rebalanced once a year on December 31st.

Thank you for visiting this blog and please contact me if you have any questions.